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Namaste Health is a Versatile Health Platform developed by a Senior Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Anshuman Manaswi, Mumbai and his team, to address the difficulty of the public in reaching the Correct Doctor in the first attempt, especially in Emergencies. It is an obvious fact that the connect to Correct Specialist improves the patient outcome and decreases the cost.

  1. The Online Mobile App Platform connects the Patient Real-Time to the Correct Specialist via Video call and in Vicinity (location specific).
  2. The 24 hours Helpline can help independently even through a normal phone and also if there are any technical problem in the app, so that the patients don’t suffer.
  3. We try to connect the patient to the specialist within 60 seconds, which means that the doctor is there through the video call right in front of the patient, whether it is Accident or Non-Accident illness.
  4. The platform has various modes to inform the hospital before the patient reaches the hospital.
  5. SOS service for invalid patients and in disasters like FIRE, earth quakes , building collapse etc.
  6. Diagnostics , Ambulance, Blood bank, Eye Bank, Elderly Care service and Medical Documents Maintenance and Sharing.
  7. Meets all the Ethical guidelines of the Government of India Advisory.
  8. Various inbuilt mechanisms for the government programs like Ayushman Bharat.
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Today, there are many healthcare applications, but there are glaring advantages that Namaste Health has over other medical apps. Once you acknowledge them, you will realize that this is the Mobile App which must be there with You, always

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